A boy and girl

Transform Ingrid and Joshua for their house party!

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Transform Ingrid and Joshua for their house party!

Some girls games feature couples who are in love, and in this one Joshua and Ingrid have just got married and moved into a beautiful home that they built. They spent so much time to finish it and now they want to have a party with all their friends! They need to get ready though, and all their friends are arriving soon in this make up game for girls.

A boy and girl

4.3/5 - 467 votes
  • Sassynelly12
  • KittyKaatlov
  • Lynda1
  • Genevieve
  • Cupcakeprinc
  • Chocolate_lo
  • Ramata_dia
  • Shortie2425
  • Rabnzel
  • Titigirlprin

A boy and girl comments from girls:

amyer12 amyer12 31.12.2012 à 22:58
looooove it i made it look like me and my boy friend my boy friend and me have a cute and no fighting realonsinshp
nia123 nia123 04.03.2012 à 4:21
This is the best game ever i love thank god i made this web site with this web site i would not have played this game
anna_barbiegirls anna_barbiegirls 20.02.2012 à 7:07
i like couples game n i also like this game this site is so cool i like this site
peace95 peace95 05.02.2012 à 20:08
Love to have a 21 year old brother 11 years apart from us !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS i am a girl????
niftydelight niftydelight 19.01.2012 à 20:43
really i think i lyke dis gameps do anyone want to be my friend on here
cutiechloe321 cutiechloe321 11.01.2012 à 3:13
this reminds me of my boyfriend and i we are so cute together you should see us
shashaheart70112517 shashaheart70112517 01.01.2012 à 18:40
this is awsome but need more things i made the girl cute in its awsome in like this game
holie888 holie888 22.12.2011 à 16:31
not the best game ever but uesfull to play on a,mazing game but needs more to it
nikki23456 nikki23456 20.12.2011 à 22:12
This game is okay. I don't like the games where you have to try and get the makeup on her eyes and it never lines up perfectly no matter how hard you try.
bestfriends bestfriends 14.12.2011 à 0:33
i love this game the two couples look so cute together i wish that was me do you guys have a boyfriend?
Babicakes12 Babicakes12 07.12.2011 à 3:27
i this game its SO adorbb! I luv all the little details to itt!! They are SUCH a cute couple i wish me and my boyfreind were like that!!!
Calpal12 Calpal12 19.11.2011 à 3:56
omg i loved this game it was so fun to make them all cute !
mygames4girlslover mygames4girlslover 15.11.2011 à 23:02
i loove how they can look so creative and put the eyes on the boy to see how he looks like
lottierocks lottierocks 05.11.2011 à 16:09
i really this game and they are such a cute couple. If they were real and i saw them on the street i would be like aaaawww you are such a cute couple. Any way add me please
prittyshannon prittyshannon 01.11.2011 à 20:28
well i think this game is great mint love just coming home and playying on all the games
brinabree brinabree 29.10.2011 à 15:43
um well its ok but dont you think they shold have a backroundand have a little bit more stuff and not draging it i cant get the eyes
prettyxx01 prettyxx01 26.10.2011 à 4:15
hi i wanna STOP cyberbully, so if your doing this terrible thing LISTEN UP!!!!!!!!!!! Cyberbully is mean it happens all the time. Whatever u do, DONT CYBERBULLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I may be nine, i care tho so stop.Cyberbully is when usay "ypur ugly".Please stop will u promise
leah1girl leah1girl 24.10.2011 à 12:00
its no happy hey have you wached toy story 2 or my games4girls.com movie hahahahah
fashionfresh fashionfresh 22.10.2011 à 15:58
this game... such a cute couple!! Really awesome I want a boyfriend like him!!!!!!!
bunnybounce bunnybounce 02.10.2011 à 12:26
I made it look like me and my crush Its a really good game too and my fave hairstyle is the red curly ponytail.

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