Shooting Grenades

Ready, aim, fire! Blow up your enemies with this free shooting game.

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There are loads of different types of girls’ games at, so don’t worry if make up and fashion aren’t your thing - you’re sure to find something you like here! Today we’ve got a cool shooting game where you’ll be playing as a soldier boy, blowing up your enemies with grenades. Put your military tactics to the test and prove girls can be just as tough as boys!

Shooting Grenades

4/5 - 26 votes
  • Michellecool
  • Elvara
  • Loulita
  • Qweenbee23
  • Sheenaawesom
  • Fashionfaith
  • LovelyBri_
  • Kassilowe16
  • Zbgirl60
  • SaraHannah

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