Fijit Friends

¡Date un paseo espacial con los divertidos Fijit Friends!

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¡Date un paseo espacial con los divertidos Fijit Friends!

Is your bedroom full of the latest toys and games? If so, maybe you know the Fijit Friends, the cutest monsters in the universe! Willa, Sage, Serafina and Logan are a gang of friends who love dancing, playing and going on adventures through outer space. In this monster game for girls, you’re invited to join them!

The Fijit Friends were created through a crazy scientific experiment, and they love singing, dancing and having tons of fun together. In this Fijit Friends game you’ll get to travel through outer space with them and see millions of planets and stars! Have a great time with the Fijit Friends today, and keep browsing our girls’ games for more fun with your favorite toys and characters!

Fijit Friends

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