Run a farm to earn money.

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Run a farm to earn money.

Farm games are very popular on the internet. Therefore, on mygames4girls we wanted you to discover our Farmville game. In this girls game, you must grow your farm produce and then take them to the city where you can sell them.


4.4/5 - 1148 votes
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  • Rosabellange
  • Catij
  • Misanifab
  • Adore_reese
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  • Micahturner
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  • Krishonn
  • Lola7663

Farmville comments from girls:

loverlie loverlie 23.11.2013 à 12:11
this game is so cool so get playing it. the animals are so cute
loverlie loverlie 16.11.2013 à 21:43
hey you the one who said it is boring if you don't like this then do not play because we all love this so back of:->:->
loverlie loverlie 16.11.2013 à 19:40
hi katilee 12 I want to be your bff click on me loverlie can't wait I have no friends please click on me
loverlie loverlie 16.11.2013 à 19:34
hi girls have you seen my profile If you haven't click on LoverLie love yeah
loverlie loverlie 16.11.2013 à 19:29
hi girls have you seen my profile if you haven't click on loverlie love yeah
loverlie loverlie 19.10.2013 à 11:10
this game is so cool the animals are cute if you can this message text me and we can be friends love yeah xxxxx
loverlie loverlie 19.10.2013 à 11:01
this game is so cool the animals are so cute if you can see this message text me and we can be friends love yeah
holly5674 holly5674 25.03.2012 à 9:00
that is such a awsome game luv it the animals r so cute!i agree with that girl that said the people thought it was stupid i luv pigs!lol
oraybsiam oraybsiam 07.03.2012 à 17:25
i am new so can one of the people that have an account show me how to make friends and add me thanx
sal0ma sal0ma 22.01.2012 à 8:30
wow i it its so fun i buy the comlete version best game ever i had played it i wish u like it like me my name on face is salma z zalabani only girls from 10 to 13.
alexisgrider alexisgrider 26.11.2011 à 15:05
it takes a really long time to load i am new so can one of the people that have an account show me how to make friend
katilee12 katilee12 30.06.2011 à 3:50
who wants to be my bff
katilee12 katilee12 30.06.2011 à 3:49
dance rocks
perla38 perla38 17.06.2011 à 20:21
games not so much my style
NikkiTiny NikkiTiny 13.05.2011 à 7:40
lovely !!
littlefireball2001 littlefireball2001 08.02.2011 à 20:21
love it!!! saw what the others said about it being stupid!!! p s. there stupid!!!!!
littlefireball2001 littlefireball2001 08.02.2011 à 20:19
love it !!!! saw what the others said it being stupid ignore it !!!! ps.there stupid!!! enjoy
Babeboogie Babeboogie 03.02.2011 à 15:46
I havint played yet but ill may like it
Samantha58501 Samantha58501 06.11.2010 à 1:09
i luv this game its so fun so chalanging on the 7th level
twa00 twa00 09.10.2010 à 8:29
omg bostn
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