Be a real hairdresser

Be an apprentice hairdresser in a real hair salon!

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Be an apprentice hairdresser in a real hair salon!

Lots of girls want to be a hairdresser! Well heres your real chance! There are lots of techniques you need to learn to cut someones hair really well and you can try all of them out on Lulu in this game for girls who want to be a hairdresser! Start by choosing one of the pictures on the right side of the game. Each one reveals a different hair style for Lulu. Once you have selected one you will see it beside Lulu and you now need to try to make the same style!

Be a real hairdresser

4.3/5 - 1969 votes
  • Sassynelly12
  • KittyKaatlov
  • Lynda1
  • Genevieve
  • Cupcakeprinc
  • Chocolate_lo
  • Ramata_dia
  • Shortie2425
  • Rabnzel
  • Titigirlprin

Be a real hairdresser comments from girls:

RainbowLollipop RainbowLollipop 04.11.2012 à 23:22
the chinese always make the best games >Im new ^-^<
isabble1231 isabble1231 05.05.2012 à 4:21
people this game is great you should play it play it wonderful game you get to chose your own stlye and do it however you like
isabble1231 isabble1231 05.05.2012 à 4:11
wats up this game is good it is the best game in my life for hairdresser.if you play this game it is good if you like it post a message please bye and have a nice time. plus can you be my friend.
divastar22 divastar22 08.04.2012 à 5:04
The girl on this thing is s cute!! I this game and happy Easter everybody!! My 6 year old brother and dad are playing sword fight. HAHAHA brother got dad in leg!!!Cute game and we have a apple ipad. 1, 2 3, the two guys are STILL fighting hope the ystop
kabalover kabalover 16.10.2011 à 11:36
cannot read whatever this is... i think it is chinese. i figured it out anyway,its fun!!!
chestnut141 chestnut141 24.12.2010 à 19:58
you'll figger it out..... some how
cupcake10 cupcake10 31.10.2010 à 20:23
my little cous loves it and she is 4
panda100 panda100 10.09.2010 à 0:21
:-> can't read in chinise
Sakura Sakura 06.06.2009 à 22:16
I like this game DDDD
Melisa Melisa 08.11.2008 à 22:45
this is soo cool i never thought about becoming a hairdresser until i played this game
maddie maddie 11.10.2008 à 2:41
i realy like to be a hair dresser one day:->sero

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