Summer Fruit Salad

Decorate a delicious fruit salad to share with your friends!

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Decorate a delicious fruit salad to share with your friends!

Ice cream is great, but if you want a healthy alternative to a sweet summer snack why not try fruit salad? You can make fruit salad with apples, oranges, strawberries, bananas or any other type of fruit, and it’s really good for you! In this cooking game for girls you can decorate a bowl of fruit salad and add lots of tasty toppings.

Start this summer cooking game by choosing a bowl, then select the types of fruits you want to put it in. Next, add some cream or sauce to your fruit salad and top it off with sprinkles to make it look extra delicious. You can even choose a nice drink to go with your summer snack! Enjoy, and keep browsing our girls’ games and cooking games for more fun.

Summer Fruit Salad

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Summer Fruit Salad comments from girls:

glamepink1 glamepink1 26.09.2012 à 7:24
love this game because it so yummy it make you hunggery thank you for this game

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