Japanese Food

Discover Japanese specialities in this cooking game.

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Discover Japanese specialities in this cooking game.

In Tokyo, as in all large cities, cooking games are really popular, and most people eat at their places of work. So, for a balanced diet, they choose to prepare meals that they can take with them. In this cooking game for girls, you’ll have to help a young girl to prepare boxes with sushi, vegetables and fruits.

From the beginning of games for girls like this new one, you must select a box and fill it without running out of time. If you choose an empty box, then you can put in all the foods you want and create a perfect lunch box for a real Japanese meal. Other free cooking games are waiting for you on mygames4girls.com, so don’t hesitate to try them!

Japanese Food

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blackstar1 blackstar1 16.05.2011 à 7:10
hello im junfaith mifania from philippines i hope we get friends thank you and i love you all
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I love shumi

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