Cooking Pancakes

Make lots of pancakes for you and your friends...without burning any!!!

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Make lots of pancakes for you and your friends...without burning any!!!

This cooking game for girls is a tough one! You need to prepare as many pancakes as you can - just like on pancake day every year. The problem is, you need to do it without burning any of them! It’s not that easy!

First you need to pour the dough into the moulds and let them cook for long enough. Then you need to remember to flip them over so that they can cook on the other side. Finally, when they’re done you’ll need to remove them...or if you’ve left it too long you might have to take the burned ones off, and put them IN THE BIN!!! Oh no!!! Well, lets hope you don’t burn any!

Try this game again and again and keep trying to break your record. It’ll be great fun to see if all your friends can try to get the best score too, so just email them the link, or add it to your blog. Otherwise, you can just click the "send to a friend" button!

Happy flipping!

Cooking Pancakes

4.1/5 - 375 votes
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Cooking Pancakes comments from girls:

Elisabeth Elisabeth 26.11.2008 à 23:49
This cooking pancakes is very fun and easy. all you need to do is pour the pancake batter and just wait till it is ready. you poke the pancakes and put it into the pan. if the pancake is burn you need to put it into the garbage can plus you need to be fast. there is a time limitite. you need to get up to sixty pancakes to win. good luck and hope you enjoy the game.

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