Cooking Empanadas

Learn how to bake delicious pies in this cooking game for girls!

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Learn how to bake delicious pies in this cooking game for girls!

What’s your favorite food? In our girls’ games you’ll find tons of dishes and recipes, so you can enjoy your favorite food any time you like. Have you ever tried empanadas before? They’re a sort of pastry or pie filled with meat or vegetables. Maybe you’ve even made them at home with your family! Don’t worry if you’re just a beginner when it comes to cooking and baking, because in this girls’ game we’re going to teach you how to cook a delicious empanada in just a few clicks!

Follow our head chef Sara’s instructions in this free cooking game and you’ll soon have cooked up some delicious empanada that are sure to impress your family and friends. Prepare the ingredients, the dough, put everything in the oven, and hey, presto! Don’t they look delicious? Leave us a comment once you’ve finished, and head to the cooking games section to try more recipes!

Cooking Empanadas

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