Cooking Breakfast With Ru

Time to wake up...dress Ru and then fill up his breakfast plate!

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Time to wake up...dress Ru and then fill up his breakfast plate!

Ru the lion knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so he really likes to do it with style! In this adorable free animal cooking game for girls, not only can you dress Ru up in cute breakfast-themed outfits, you can also create a delicious breakfast for him to eat! Click Ru to change his outfit, then click on the fridge and cupboard to drag items onto Ru’s plate to prepare a big delicious breakfast to set him up for the day ahead. Some items from around the room are also draggable like the pancakes, cutlery and spreads in the bowl. Let’s get cooking with some delicious food!

In this free cooking game, there are many things to discover in the kitchen, after all, Ru is not alone! His friends Steve the star and Terri the toaster are hanging out with him to help him make his yummy breakfast...what happens when you click them? When Ru’s outfit and meal are complete, don’t forget to add salt and pepper! To find more free girls’ cooking games, look on the site, there are plenty to choose from!

Cooking Breakfast With Ru

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