The Best Make Up Apps for Girls

A girl can never have too many makeovers! Check out these girly apps.

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1. Superstar Makeover

Remember, behind every movie star is a great makeup artist and stylist. In this game, there are hundreds of different possibilities, so you end up playing again and again! There is also a huge variety of makeup colors.

2. Ugly Girl Makeover

Change this ugly duckling’s look and make her beautiful. Get out the lotions, potions and tools before saying goodbye to unkempt hair and hello to radiant skin! Girls, everyone can be beautiful you know!

3. Sally’s Makeover

This is a classic makeover game, but it’s full of challenges and rewards. Earn points and unlock achievements for new accessories, makeup products and clothes. There is always something new to discover!

Change your own look!

Don’t just stick to completing makeovers on dolls, why not try one out with a picture of yourself? Some apps allow you to try out cool hairstyles and makeup that are totally realistic. Just think about it, all the fun of experimenting but without all the mess! The sky’s the limit when it comes to crazy ideas, and you can have a great time with your friends. We recommend Mary Kay Virtual Makeover.

Do you dare to try out these apps? Remember to tell us what you thought in the comments. If you don’t see your favorite app here...tell us what it is so we can join in the fun!