Fairy Types: The Perfect Pokémon for Girls

So, you thought Pokémon wasn’t for girls? Read on to find out about the new types taking the Poké-world by storm!

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Girls, are there any Pokémon fans out there?

If you’ve never been fond of these little creatures, you may be about to change your mind.

Pokémon has surprised us all with some brand new creatures that will make you say “oooh, ahhh"! These are Pokémon with fairy powers, in brilliant pink and purple colors, and they’re so adorable! Have you seen them yet?

Spritzee and Swirlix are the most huggable, don’t you think?

One of the most popular Pokémon in this family is Sylveon, who looks just like a white fox with pink ribbons. So cute! He reminds us of a Manga pet.

But the most majestic of all is Xernas, who you may have seen on the cover of Pokémon X.

In the new versions of Pokémon, X and Y, and the card game, you will be able to discover the other Fairy Types...we can’t wait!

What’s more, there are new versions of the game for your computer and other devices! You can modify your character a little more...and even change their clothes!

So, have we convinced you yet? If not, why not try a Pokémon game or two?

Our favorite Pokémon is Sylveon, no question. What’s yours?