Girl Meets World on the Disney Channel

Get all the details on the Disney Channel’s new show and a breakdown of the main characters.

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Girl Meets World

Riley is 12 and has decided to become a much cooler person! With a little help from her friend Maya, she’s about to discover a whole new personality for herself: rebellious, confident, flirty and an expert on boys !

The problem is that her dad is also a history teacher, so its impossible to get away with anything! Sometimes, he can be a little too protective.

When does the series hit the US?

Er...where have you been? It’s already started! Get to the Disney Channel right now!

Trivia and quotes from the main characters :

Riley Matthews: has always been a well-behaved girl. But all that’s about to change...or is it?

Quote: "I’m completely reinventing myself. I ride the subway now, I have kiwi lips now and I’m just as cool as you now!"

Maya Hart: isn’t lucky enough to have a great family like Riley, so she has learned to fend for herself. She wants Riley to feel more confident!

Quote: "Let me show you everything you need to know about boys and girls. "

Lucas Friar: smiled at Riley on the subway and is their new classmate...could this be a sign?

Cory Matthews: If you think he’s just a boring dad, check out the original Disney series, Boy Meets World to find out what he got up to when he was younger! In this pic, you can see what he looked like then, and what he looks like now!

Quote: "It’s not your world yet, it’s still my world!"

Farkle: is a brainiac! He’s a little strange and follows pretty girls everywhere.

Quote: "Riley is the sun, warm and bright, and lights up my whole day . Maya is the night, dark and mysterious. The night has always been a mystery to me...because I go to bed at seven-thirty."

Topanga: Riley ’s mother and, yes, she was the main obsession of Cory in Boy Meets World!

We are very excited about this new series. There’s sure to be lots of comedy, friendship, romance, and above all, advice on problems with parents!