How to Build a Better Boy

He’s like Frankenstein’s monster...but cute!

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Coding Just Got Cool

Do you know the real power of coding? Learning how to use a computer can mean awesome things for the future. You can learn how to make websites, discover how to create exciting games, start your very own business...or build a person! Wait, what? Ok that last part sounds a bit crazy, but it happened to Mae Harrison and Gabby Hartley in Disney’s How to Build a Better Boy! Check out the trailer:

The Perfect Boy

Using their computer, these tech-savvy tenth graders accidentally created a boy. Not just any boy...a macho, sensitive, super-cute, dreamy hunk of a boy (who happens to play the ukulele)!

Gah, just look at him! His name is Albert Banks, and all the girls want to be on his arm. Even though he’s not...actually...a...real...person. Weird!

If you could create anything using your computer skills, what would it be?