Rewind: Youtube Style!

Check out 2012’s best bits in this youtube video!

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What were your best bits of 2012? Which memories make you smile and which memories make you cringe? As you know, the year is almost over (sad face)! January 2012 seems like, well, a year ago! It’s gone sooo fast. We were thinking about it and it doesn’t seem like we’ve fit much into this year at all, but when we saw this awesome video on youtube, we realised just how much has happened in 2012!

Rewind...Youtube Style is a funny collection of clips from 2012’s top hits on youtube. From PSY himself doing his crazy horsey dance to the annoying orange dressed in Felix Baumgartner’s spacesuit, the video will have you in style! Join us in a ridiculous dance around the house while we watch this video again, and again, and again until our moms and dads destroy our laptops and ground us until next new year’s...hooray for 2012!