Switched at Birth

Switched at Birth, the family series on ABC returns for a fourth season in the United States!

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Have you ever imagined growing up in another family?

At the age of 15, Daphne and Bay found out that they had been swapped at birth...woah! Bay grew up in a large and beautiful house and was educated by a wealthy family, while Daphne, who lost her hearing after getting meningitis, grew up in a poor neighborhood. Now, the two families must learn to live together for the sake of these reunited teenagers.

Two Different Personalities

Bay: An artist who’s never really felt at home in the family, but she’s getting there.

Daphne: Even though she doesn’t smile very much, she is confident and totally full of life!

Have you ever watched the show on ABC? The fourth season is about to start in the US! See if you can keep up with the adventures of these two girls. We can’t wait to see how well they fit into their new lives!

Who do you like most? Bay, or Daphne?