Finding Nemo 3D

Finding Nemo 3D has arrived, ’sea’ it now!

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We’ve found Nemo! Yes, he’s back, but this time he’s better than ever, in 3D! We’ve all seen the movie of the cute little clown fish who goes missing, but it’s returning to a cinema near you! Can you imagine sitting in the cinema and experiencing this thrilling adventure in three dimensions? The movie was pretty beautiful first time round, but we can’t wait to see how cool it’s going to look once we’ve got those 3D specs on our faces. Check out the scene in the video below, don’t you think it will look awesome in 3D?

In Finding Nemo 3D you can join Marlin and Dory on their exciting adventure through the sea to find to little Nemo. It will totally feel like you’re in the film too! This Disney movie is great for the whole family. We’re definitely taking our little brothers and sister to see it...they were too small to see it at the movies first time round! Are you excited to go see Finding Nemo 3D? Tell us all about it before you swim away!