Justin Bieber gets a new tattoo

Justin Bieber has a new tattoo on his leg!

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While we’ve been stuffing our faces with chocolate and staring at our new iPads over the holidays, a lot has been happening in celebrity land! Well ok, not really, but here’s some exciting news for you Beliebers out there...Justin’s only gone and got a new tattoo! This time, he’s gone for praying hands placed above roses. Not sure what to make of this really. Could he be praying for a ’rosy’ future? Or perhaps he’s a keen gardener? Either way we still want to be the beauty to Justin’s beat.

However, the opinions of hardcore fans are divided. Some are wondering why he’d do this to himself, and others think it’s awesome! Our theory is that he wants to get away from his pop prince image and make his way into bad boy territory. Out of the way Snoop Dog! Watch out 50 Cent! It’s clear that Justin has grown into an absolute superstar in recent years, and he still has his twenties to look forward to. Maybe a few tattoos are just what he needs to take him from boy of pop to man of Hollywood royalty. Swoon, we’ll always love you Biebs! What do you guys think of Justin’s ink? Would you ever get a tattoo yourself? Share!