Jealous of my best friend’s grades

How can I stop feeling jealous of my best friend?

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Dear Lea, Lilou and Lee,

My best friend Ally is super smart and always gets the best grades in our class. She doesn’t even have to try – last week she did her math homework on the bus to school in 5 minutes and got an A+, whereas I spent hours doing it after school and only got a B! It’s so annoying! I work so much harder than she does but I still can’t match up to her. She’s really awesome and I know it’s not her fault she’s so smart, but every time she beats me in a test I get sooo jealous… I don’t know if I can still be her friend if things carry on like this!

Jealous Gemini, 14


Dear Gemini,

As Thomas Edison once said, ‘Genius is one per cent inspiration, and ninety-nine per cent perspiration’. He meant that being talented and clever is great, but most real success comes from hard work. Many kids like your friend Ally breeze through school, but they get a real shock when they go to college and discover that they actually have to study if they want to stay top of the class. On the other hand, the majority of really successful people aren’t natural geniuses – they just have a really good work ethic, plus tons of dedication and passion for what they do. You might have to struggle to get good grades now, but the ability to work hard is a really great skill in itself. Also, remember that everybody is different! The most important thing is that you do your best and progress at your own pace, so try not to compare yourself to others too much. Why not talk to your friend about how you feel? You could study together to keep your friendship and your grades in top condition, and you might find that you have other strengths and talents that she’s jealous of, too! Good luck!

Lea, Lilou and Lee <3