How to Ask a Guy Out

Asking out your crush can be daunting, so don’t do it before reading our expert advice!

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Girls...we know, walking up to your crush and asking him out is scarier than any horror movie. But, with a few simple tips from us, you will be more confident than ever!

1. Think ahead

Find out what he likes from his friends. If he hates hamburgers, it’s probably not a good idea to meet at a diner!

2. Find the right time

Don’t try and get his attention in the middle of a class, or when he’s about to run for the bus. Catch him when he’s relaxed and you have time to chat.

3. Flirt!

Ask him how his day is going, make eye contact and, if you’re feeling really brave, compliment him. Boys love to be complimented just as much as girls, they just don’t let it show!

4. Ask straight up

Don’t dance around the question, just ask!

5. Smile!

The most important one of all...just smile. Do you know how to be confident? Just pretend that you are confident. Easy.

Do you have any other advice for talking to boys? Share it here...and good luck!