10 Types of Kisses

Read up on our favorite ways to kiss with this Top 10 list.

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Ever wondered how many different ways of kissing there are? There are thousands of ways of locking lips with your loved one, and here are some of our favorites. Read up and get ready to practise when you meet your dream boy!

- Kiss on the Cheek: This type of kiss is perfect for when you’re just getting to know someone. In some countries people even kiss on both cheeks to say hello!

- Peck: A quick little kiss with your lips closed. Short but sweet!

- Eskimo Kiss: You can kiss Eskimo-style by rubbing your noses together. It’s a good way to keep warm!

- Grandma Kiss: A kiss on the forehead is always nice, but if a boy gives you one he probably just sees you as a friend...

- Friendly Kiss: A little like the peck but it last longer and the lips push closer together, without opening your mouths. It can also end with a "mwah!" sound at the end. It’s friendly and fun!

- Tilted Kiss: A real movie-star kiss, with the girl leaning back as the boy kisses her. Super romantic!

- Kiss on the Lips: A nice long kiss with open lips, and maybe with a little tongue if it feels right...

- Hummingbird Kiss: One partner gives the other lots of little kisses on their mouth and around their lips.

- Chew Kiss: You’ll need to use your teeth for this one... but be careful! This kiss is when one person bites the other’s lip, very gently.

- French Kissing: Reserved for real lovebirds! This kiss uses lots of passion and lots of tongue - but not too much!

So, how many types have you tried?! Leave a comment to tell us!