How To Tell If a Guy Likes You

Lea is here to answer this tricky question about boys: how do you know when they have a crush on you?

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"I like a guy in my class. He’s always looking at me, but I don’t know if he likes me! How can you tell?" - Sarah

This is a problem every girl comes across at some point in her life, and it came up recently in our forum. So, let’s talk about boys!

The first thing to consider is...are you sure you really like him? If he’s been looking at you, this may be the only reason you’ve noticed him in the first place!

If you do really like this guy, don’t think of him as a mysterious boy in the distance...think of him as a friend! If you and your crush are meant to be, the first move is to start speaking to him. Get to know him a little and see if you have anything in common. Remember to talk about the things that matter to you!

Remember, if you can’t really get the conversation flowing with this guy, chances are, romance isn’t on the cards (unless he’s super shy). My foolproof trick? Ask your friends! They could take a look when he next looks over at you and try and work out if he has a crush on you.

Girls, has something like this ever happened to you? What advice would you give to Sarah?


Lea <3