Kite Game for Girls

Are you ready to party all night long in the VIP lounge with the Disney Princesses?

Your game will begin in a few seconds! :)
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How to play the game "Kite Game for Girls"?

Wow - those Disney Princesses are a busy girl gang! Tonight, Mulan, Jasmine and Moana are putting on their finest gowns to celebrate at one of the most exclusive parties in the princess calendar!
Known as the ’White Party’, only the most beautiful, talented and famous people are invited to this VIP soiree and, naturally, they all have to wear white.
These Disney Princesses are counting on you to get them ready for the big night, so can you pick out the perfect snow white outfit? They don’t want anyone to look better than them on the red carpet!
Create a stunning fashion look for the Disney Princesses - and we don’t want to see even a spot of color!



Kite Game for Girls is one of my favorites! We clearly have awesome taste! Come and play more of my fave fashion games!