New Year’s Resolutions for Kids

Our top New Year’s Resolutions for girls and boys.

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When you’ve counted down ’til midnight and wished your friends and family a Happy New Year, there’s only one thing left to do: make some resolutions! January is the perfect month for fresh starts, and every year millions of people all around the world make New Year’s resolutions to change or improve certain parts of their life. Can’t decide what you want to achieve? Here are some suggestions of things you can do, try or learn this year!

Improve your grades: Not everyone can be a straight-A student, but we can all bump up our grades if we put our minds to it! Make it your resolution to work harder at school, or find a study buddy if you need extra help.

Help your parents: Even if it’s just doing the washing-up a couple of times or hoovering without being asked, we bet your parents would really appreciate an extra hand with the housework now and again. Show them how much you appreciate them by helping them out more this year.

Eat healthily: Healthy eating isn’t all about rabbit foot! Boost your intake of vitamins and nutrients by making fruit salads or tasty smoothies. (Check out our cooking games for ideas!)

Try a new sport: There’s more to sport than football and soccer... why not have a go at synchronized swimming, fencing or handball? Ask at your nearest sports center for more info about teams in your area.

Learn a new language: Thanks to the internet, learning a new language can be free and pretty easy! Impress your friends and family with a few phrases in German, Mandarin, Arabic... the choice is endless!

Start a band: Grab a few musical friends and combine your talents to make a pop or rock group! Try writing your own songs or perform your favorite stars’ and bands’ hits - who knows, you could be the next big thing!

Get a part-time job: Why not earn a bit of money this year by doing odd jobs, babysitting for a neighbor or getting a paper route if you’re old enough? Just remember to spend wisely!

Help stop bullying: Have you seen any kids getting a hard time at school lately? Make it your resolution to speak up every time you see someone being bullied. You’ll help lots of people, and maybe make some new friends at the same time!

Remember, you can achieve almost anything if you put your mind to it! Leave us a comment to tell us about your New Year’s resolutions... and if you manage to stick to them! Happy New Year!