Gloriously Groovy Graphic Designers: Everything You Need to Know

Ever fancied a career where you get to draw all the time and see your designs made into real life products? Graphic design could be for you!

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So... what do graphic designers do?

Graphic Designers are creative whizzkids who are employed by all sorts of people to design things for them. We’re being deliberately vague, and that’s because Graphic Designers work is about as varied as the spots on four thousand leopards, a.k.a. very.

Hello fact fans! You thought we’d forgotten you but here’s one for you. Legendary type designer Claude Garamond, who the Garamond font is named after, died alone and penniless aged 81. Let’s hope your career goes better…

Pretty much every website you see, any product you buy and all brands you can think of will have enlisted a graphic designer to ensure their stuff looks jaw- droppingly amazing. Graphical-design-types can work on:

  • Websites
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Product packaging
  • Computer games
  • Books
  • Technology
  • Company branding

Some designers specialise in one kind of design, others mix it up like MC Hammer at a cocktail party and work on whatever comes their way.

Okay, I’m interested. What else do I need to learn?

There’s a big technical side to modern graphic design, so if you think Flash, Acrobat, Dreamweaver and Illustrator sound like second-rate superheroes, you’ll have to get to get to grips with these programs! A career in graphic design can mean A LOT of time spent in front of a PC screen.

The world’s first commercial Christmas card was designed and commission in 1843. That makes graphic design almost as old as your nan.

Can I practice right now?

It’s almost become a recurring a theme in these articles... Yes, you can! Draw, draw and draw some more (with pencils and paper, not like a cowboy). You’ll probably need to study graphic design formally, but in some cases a really great portfolio (a folder with all your best work in that you guard with your life) and lots of good experience can land you your dream job in no time!

Ask your mom if she wants her kitchen redesigned, make your friends Christmas cards, design yourself a new pair of shoes shaped like spoons - if you love to have yourself an arty party, keep practising!