Naturally Noble Nurses: Everything You Need to Know

Everyone knows what nursing is. But could you be a nurse? Take our quiz and discover the deets of the medical profession...

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Everyone knows all about nursing. But before we start, maybe you should take our test to see if you could in fact already be a nurse without realising...

5 signs you could be a nurse already (without even knowing it):

  • You wash your hands more than 2,345,601 times per day (less is fine).
  • Pus makes you happy.
  • People don’t borrow a pencil from you; they get a choice of 14 ranging from highlighters, felt tips, crayons and a thermometer.
  • Your friends ask you to diagnose strange growths/lumps/oozing pustules. And you love it.
  • You call everyone sister.

If you already do all those things, you could well be a nurse already. You don’t really need to read this article, but who are we to tell you what to do? YOLO.

So... what do nurses do?

The word ‘nurse’ comes from the Latin word for ‘nourish’, and that pretty much sums it up. Nurses care for sick people and help them get better.

Not Entirely True:

All nurses (male and female) have to wear nail art like this as part of their uniform.

Well that isn’t true, but until you’re actually working in a hospital you can have medical-themed manicures whenever you like!

Okay, I’m interested. What else do I need to learn?

Nurses have to be great with people and know lots about medicine. With each patient they must assess their symptoms in order to diagnose what’s wrong with them. No two patients are the same (unless two twins walked into each other…?).

To be a nurse, you can’t be squeamish or faint every time someone gets a papercut. Most nurses have nerves of reinforced steel dipped in molten iron and then baked in an oven, but it’s not all guts flying and blood spurting, as these handy, informative bullet points show:

Nurses can work:

  • At night
  • From home
  • In warzones
  • As part of a team
  • In psychiatry
  • At school
  • In pharmacist’s

If you like people (or at least, some of them), love a challenge and love to learn new things (especially in a fast-paced environment like a hospital) then nursing could well be a career for you.

Nursin’ all over the world?

Once you’re a qualified nurse, you’re pretty much a qualified nurse all around the world. Nurses are needed in lots of different countries, so while you might think of nursing as being in a hospital ward all day it’s actually a great opportunity to travel!

So nursing is a job with a lot of flexibility, sort of like being a gymnast or a rubber band. But all nurses share the same ultimate mission: to look after people as best they can. It doesn’t get much better than that warm, fuzzy feeling…

...unless they bring back nurses’ capes like this because those snazzy navy numbers made them look like superhero-wizard-nurses a.k.a COOLEST THING EVER.