Impeccabily Intelligent Interpreters: Everything You Need To Know

Languages can be a tricky business! If you’re a chatty so-and-so, why not be a chatty so-and-so in several different languages?

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So... what do interpreters do?

Interpreters help people from different countries who fancy a chat to avoid gaffes like this one! By translating speeches or conversations between people, interpreters make sure nobody orders roasted husband, or gets their plants and their pants muddled up - ouch.

Mildly Interesting Trivia

Back in the olden days (well, the 1950s), chocolate companies were spreading the word about Valentine’s Day in Japan. A mistake by one red-faced interpreter gave people the idea that girls had to give gifts and chocolates to ALL their male friends - and they still do it to this day! Girls have to wait until March 14th for their sweet treats. Boo.

Okay, I’m interested. What else do I need to learn?

Interpreters are amazing linguists; they can often speak over three languages! So if you’re still struggling with English you better get practising. You’ll have to know the difference between your loo and being in lieu - things could get messy...

My mom always says I’m really loud - will this help my budding career as an interpreter?

Yes, it will. So you can tell her to stop nagging you!

Another top tip for interpreters? Mints.

Interpreters sometimes work in very small booths with other interpreters - not a pleasant experience if someone’s had eight cloves of garlic for lunch. Take one yourself, offer them to others - be the mintiest, freshest interpreter around!

Slightly Exaggerated Half-Truth: Interpreters Hate All Jokes.

Jokes are actually really tough to translate as they are so different from one culture to another. Have you heard the one about the interpreter and the camel with six humps…? Didn’t think so.

Can I practice right now?

Why yes, yes you can! If Mom’s been on at you for watching too much TV, watch some foreign movies and tell her you’re practising your language skills. Mom - 0 Fun - 1.

There are tons of perks to being an interpreter too:

  • You can travel all over the world!
  • Celebs need interpreters too - next time One Direction are touring Outer Mongolia, you could be interpreting for Harry and co.! If you can still string a sentence together that is...

So there you have it! Interpreting: the best thing since sliced bread. Or croissant. Or focaccia… you get the idea.

To help you on your way we’ve devised this devious quiz! Can you work out these false friends for each language?

1. Swedish: Bra

2. German: Kipper

3. Spanish: Constipado


1. It means ‘good’!

2. A dump truck!

3. A common cold.