Fab Futures: What’s It All About?

With all these articles about jobs you’ve never heard of, we really thought we should explain why you should be inspired about the future...

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What Happened

We all know it’s tricky to decide what you want to be in the future (apart from being older of course, but that’s out of your hands). Sometimes it seems like there’s only the same jobs that everyone knows. You know the ones:teacher, doctor, fireman, scientist and so on. These jobs are great, but what about all the others?!

We realised that there was nothing out there showing young girls all the amazing different jobs that there are in the world. When was the last time someone asked you if you wanted to be an engineer? Or a cosmetic scientist? These jobs that we forget about are among the most important ones out there!

Our Mission:

We never had a clue what we wanted to do, but we knew that it was up to us to choose. We wanted to do what we loved, but we didn’t know how to turn our favourite hobbies into a career, or even a business!

Everyone has something they’re good at, and everyone has something they love doing. We thought it was about time we showcased the incredible amount of things you can aspire to do with your life and start working towards it!

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