Tortoise Long Jump Game

Become a long-jump champion with the cute tortoise in this animal game!

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How to play the game "Tortoise Long Jump Game"?

Lions, tigers, pandas, elephants…you’ll find loads of different animals in our girls’ games! Today you’ll be playing with a four-legged reptile who lives in a shell... can you guess what sort of animal we’re talking about? A tortoise, of course! This cute tortoise is named Harry, and today he’s visiting one of his friends across the valley. There’s just one problem: the bridge across the river has disappeared, and now it’s up to you to help him across the water in this animal game! Read more

Have you heard the story of the Tortoise and the Hare? Well, unlike his slower cousin, the tortoise in this animal game for girls is super sporty and loves practising long jump. To help him across the water, hold the spacebar on your keyboard until the power bar is at its maximum, then let go at just the right moment to see him jump across the river. This animal game might be a bit tricky at first, but with a bit of practise you’ll soon be a champion, just like Harry!