Swimming Pool Games

Discover three super swimming pool games with Cody and Zack!

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How to play the game "Swimming Pool Games"?

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In these games, Cody and Zack are too lovely american boys - who LOVE getting into trouble. there are three different games in this set, so make sure you read the instructions for the right game!

Inflatable Tower:
Use the left and right keys on your keyboard to stop your inflatable tower from falling over. As Cody throws more rings onto the tower it will get more difficult. Birds will also try to land on your tower, so use the up and down arrows to shake them off.
When you see Mom come to the swimming pool make sure you hide as quickly as possible, by pressing the space bar (and keep it down until she leaves...but don’t forget the tower!!!)
Also, catch the "250 points" symbols to get bonus points, or catch Moms head to get extra time to play!

Springboard Basketball:
Use the Spacebar to throw balls to Cody on the other side of the pool, and use the u pand down arrow keys to move Cody, so that he can catch the balls. Again, you’ll get extra points and extra balls if you manage to catch the symbols when they appear!

Balloon Season:
Finally, in this game you need to shoot down all the balloons with your great new watergun. Use the spacebar to fire from the watergun, and move the raft around the pool with the arrow keys. Don’t forget to keep topping up the gun though, by pressing the "X" button. Any coloured symbols that appear in the water will give you bonus points, extra water, or could even burst all the balloons on the screen, so try to get all of the bonuses when they appear!

These are three great games for all girls who love playing with their friends at the swimming pool - maybe you could even try them yourself!



Swimming Pool Games is one of my favorites! We clearly have awesome taste! Come and play more of my fave free games!