Makeover an indian girl

Transform a pretty indian girl !

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Transform a pretty indian girl !

In our latest of girls games, Suri is a girl born to parents of different nationalities. This gives her face a strange and natural beauty. Her large black almond eyes make her look like a doll, a bit like Pocahontas and with her long black hair she is very proud of, she looks a lot like her mother.

Makeover an indian girl

4.3/5 - 487 votes
  • Witch
  • ClaireDiva9
  • Smoyc
  • TessaYoung
  • BrownEyedCut
  • Rakel1234
  • Deebianca
  • Desmoni
  • Faythlyn11
  • Jannas

Makeover an indian girl comments from girls:

tiarahearts tiarahearts 19.05.2012 à 9:44
oby35 oby35 28.12.2010 à 16:23
i like it
gothic_lolita gothic_lolita 06.12.2010 à 19:13
nice not bad
blondgirl1 blondgirl1 21.11.2010 à 4:55
i luv that clothes and stuff it remembers me off my daddy only in boy versen
justinbaby192 justinbaby192 20.11.2010 à 4:32
i dont like this game
mortimer mortimer 17.11.2010 à 20:40
this game is hot nice topic
mortimer mortimer 17.11.2010 à 20:39
this game is HOT. im not the type of woman that says ugly, but i can say it sometimes. not now though
kierra101 kierra101 11.11.2010 à 19:19
i just dont like the clothing and the hair
kierra101 kierra101 11.11.2010 à 19:17
i just dont like the CLOTHING and the HAIR
marioma marioma 09.10.2010 à 16:01
bad game
Angerona Angerona 25.09.2010 à 14:27
hottiesexymama hottiesexymama 19.09.2010 à 23:36
I love your hair stylez!!!
Rezwana Rezwana 17.09.2010 à 21:32
this game is soo borin but stylish
tmister tmister 11.09.2010 à 21:52
same here it mite get a bit annoying after a while
sarepta sarepta 24.07.2010 à 17:41
i really enjoy playing this game,keep them coming!

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