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Do you dream of selling clothes in a trendy boutique? Then this is the game for you, girl!

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Do you dream of selling clothes in a trendy boutique? Then this is the game for you, girl!

Become the ideal sales woman in this selling game for girls! Every day, as is the case with other selling games, you will have to achieve your sales targets. You must serve the customers as quickly and efficiently as possible to get the best score. Use your mouse in this girls game to greet customers and allow them to pick the clothes they want to purchase.

Do not forget to collect the money, the most important part in these selling games, especially if you want to keep your job. Also, you will need to clean up between customers to keep your shop tidy and neat! Work quickly to keep the customers happy and coming back! If you want to discover other sales woman and selling games, then look on, the best site for girls!

Selling games

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Selling games comments from girls:

me196 me196 01.07.2013 à 13:46
this game isnt crazy! it just gets hard when it comes to harder levels! i cant believe two ppl are saying this!
glamourousbecky glamourousbecky 29.08.2012 à 18:08
this game is crazy and its a bit tricky when it comes to the harder levels
ayshaaishu ayshaaishu 02.12.2011 à 13:04
this game is bit crazy butz is love you play

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