Dolphin Game for Girls

Collect as many stars as you can as you swim with this adorable white dolphin!

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Collect as many stars as you can as you swim with this adorable white dolphin!

Have you ever seen dolphins swimming in the ocean, or having fun and playing games in a water park or aquarium? Whether they’re in the sea, in a zoo or in girls’ games, dolphins always seem to be having a good time! Do you know of any famous dolphins like Flipper or Winter? In this girls’ game you’ll meet their good friend Zoom, a very intelligent white dolphin who loves splashing around in the water and showing off for the aquarium crowds by doing different tricks. In this surprise game, you’ll need to help him collect as many stars as possible so he can prove he’s the quickest dolphin around. It’s time to shows the whales and the fish who’s boss!

Dolphin Game for Girls

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