Virtual Baby Game

Dress this baby and give her some happy expressions too!

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Dress this baby and give her some happy expressions too!

Babies and baby games or babysitting games for girls are often funny games, and they are always very good free fun games for girls to play. In this baby game for girls you will have to take care of a baby. Indeed, besides being able to choose nice clothes, diapers and accessories of every color, you can change the expression of his face or even hair color. To access all of her wardrobe, click on the bottles that are in the top of this baby game for girls.

You can give your baby a rattle to play or a bottle to drink from and add clips in her hair if it’s a girl. If you like real babies, you’ll love this game for girls because it is very comprehensive and will allow you to create the baby of your dreams. Think about giving the website address to all your friends to come with you to discover all the babysitting games for girls as well as dress up games, free make up games, and lots more fun games for girls.

Virtual Baby Game

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Virtual Baby Game comments from girls:

122780 122780 03.09.2013 à 4:06
this game is a little lam it should let you take care of the baby: feed it wash it and put it to bed
kelani kelani 05.06.2012 à 22:23
bhagyashree bhagyashree 30.04.2012 à 8:04
like this game soo nice hope all of girls in this game like it: xD
marie098 marie098 05.10.2011 à 0:48
my baby was so cute love this game i hope i find another game just like it
mary1056 mary1056 02.12.2010 à 21:46
i love this game
katie katie 13.06.2009 à 20:51
deboralove639 deboralove639 19.04.2009 à 4:35
i love babys especilly the chubby ones there cheekes are just so chubby and they are just so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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