Summer day dress up

Create a great summers day outfit for Laela !

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Create a great summers day outfit for Laela !

IT’s the middle of summer and girls all around the world are pulling on their summer clothes - shorts and skirts, t-shirts and tops, - and heading out to enjoy the lovely warm sunshine! For lots of people its our favorite time of year, with summer holidays, trips to the beach and long hot days in the sun! Laela is one of those girls who just loves the summer.

Today Laela is heading to the water park with her friends. She’s got all of her swim things with her in a bag, but she needs a trendy, summery outfit to wear to get to the water park. Help Laela to choose a cool outfit so that she’ll look great with all her friends! Then try out some more dress up games, or other girls games!

summer day dress up

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