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Design your own clothes with this girls’ fashion game!

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Design your own clothes with this girls’ fashion game!

Have you ever dreamt of being a glamorous fashion designer and creating your own unique clothing line, just like Stella McCartney or Donatella Versace? Are you always doodling designs and customizing your clothes? In this fun fashion game for girls, you can let your imagination run wild and create some amazing designs for stylish shirts, pants, skirts and dresses. Just scroll through the templates available and drag the one you like best to the drawing board, then choose the fabric you like best to create your design. Once you’ve put together a whole outfit, you’ll get to pick some shoes to complete your look. Et voilà! You’ll have an outfit worthy of the catwalks of Paris!

In this creative fashion game, you’ll get feedback from your beautiful model Penny, who’ll tell you exactly what she thinks of the clothes you’ve made for her. You can also use the form at the end of the game to email your designs to a friend for their comments. Make sure you mention all the great fashion games, dress up games and makeover games they can play at - it’s the perfect place for little fashionistas!

Fashion Designer

4.3/5 - 359 votes
  • Aqualeena
  • Spiritual
  • Naiyaaosopre
  • AugustineJay
  • IceQueen020
  • Angana
  • AraBlossomRa
  • Leli10
  • Moveon

Fashion Designer comments from girls:

xxXBellaGirlXxx xxXBellaGirlXxx 23.08.2012 à 12:03
You know,every girl want to be super fashion designer.For me,i always draw dress and dream to be top10 fashion designer and,please add me ass your friend because i dont have any friend.....
Kimmy12321 Kimmy12321 01.08.2012 à 6:39
hi girlz!!!!I can see u play HIDOLL.If u are reading my comment then will u plzz e my friendbeacuse i dont have any!My screen name is Kimmy12321Comment on my wall plzz!!!!
QueenMicha QueenMicha 25.07.2012 à 18:58
Hi this game is the best game ever .My Aunty knows how to make dress that is so cool
pinkstyler pinkstyler 29.06.2012 à 14:14
I love this game its totally awesome game and I also want to be a designer please add me if u like the game
Chelly Chelly 25.06.2012 à 1:42
It's a pretty cool game; I loved it!!! Add me please! I have like no friends.. I'm new
ayesha12 ayesha12 04.05.2012 à 7:58
i like to design dress very much i will be a designer
lovelyladdyy lovelyladdyy 27.04.2012 à 20:57
this is the best game yet n o yea i need some friend so come and add me thankz mwahz
daisychiftly daisychiftly 24.04.2012 à 15:58
My dream is to be a fashion designer and I love this game I just Like To change her hair and skin. but I love the game pls add me just got 2 friends!
shelleyjones shelleyjones 18.03.2012 à 17:58
i liked the game but i wish there were more types of dresses and patterns
lola12 lola12 05.03.2012 à 18:36
it was a good game!ps please be my friend!make the game a little bit better!pleze
hannah1125 hannah1125 19.02.2012 à 22:20
i love designing stuff you should play the game you get to pick a dress,shirt,pants,skirt and some shoes
lamiya lamiya 16.02.2012 à 20:43
this game is awsome loveing it too much ... my fashion dress are beautiful ...

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