Angel Dress Up Game

Dress up guardian angel Gabrielle for her next mission.

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Dress up guardian angel Gabrielle for her next mission.

Have you ever wondered if there’s a guardian angel looking out for you? In this dress up game for girls you’ll meet Gabrielle, a beautiful guardian angel who looks after a little girl called Leah. Gabrielle is about to fly over the city protecting Leah, but before she flies through the skies she needs to dress up and choose her wings for the day. Make sure she looks more beautiful than ever with this online angel game.

You’ll be on Cloud 9 with all the accessories, clothes, wings and feathers in this dress up game! Dress up Gabrielle in beautiful white, pink and blue clothes and make sure she looks heavenly as she protects this little girl from any bad luck that might come her way. Have fun dressing up this guardian angel, and check back soon for more great girls’ games.

Angel Dress Up Game

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