Dora the Explorer Dentist Game

Dora’s at the dentist again! Will she ever learn to look after her teeth?

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How to play the game "Dora the Explorer Dentist Game"?

Oh my gosh. Dora the Explorer has been at the candy again. Her teeth are giving her a lot of trouble. Why? Well, she has been secretly stashing sugary treats in that backpack of hers and munchy on them during every adventure. That’s a lot of munching! Her dentist has told her several times that she really needs to change her ways and quit the sugar, but she didn’t listen... Read more

So, today, Dora is in a lot of pain. Her gums are sore, some of her teeth are rotting, and she has lots of ulcers in her mouth. Ouch! She needs to get to an emergency dentist, someone who will make her realise that she needs to brush her teeth more often! Can you use all the professional tools and get to work on this nightmare of a mouth? See if you can convince Dora to stop exploring that candy store...



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