CHRISTMAS Special - Make the Most Beautiful Tree!

Decorate this big Christmas tree with all the beautiful lights and baubles.

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Decorate this big Christmas tree with all the beautiful lights and baubles.

Every Christmas, girls and boys all over the world bring a great big Christmas tree into their homes, and decorate it with all sorts of colourful baubles, stars, angels and lights!

Well this year you don’t just get to do it in your home - you can do it here on mygames4girls too! Just click on the decoration that you want to hang on your tree, and drag it over to where you want to hang it. Then just let go. You can move it somewhere else if you’re not happy with that place...or just leave it there and move on to the next decoration that you want to hang!

You’ll have lots of fun in this decoration game for girls - let your imagination run wild!

CHRISTMAS Special - Make the Most Beautiful Tree!

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CHRISTMAS Special - Make the Most Beautiful Tree! comments from girls:

tamia tamia 20.08.2010 à 18:09
love it so cool

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