Beauty Game

Laura wants to reinvent her hair and beauty regime before tonight, she needs your help!

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How to play the game "Beauty Game "?

For a long time, Laura didn’t care too much about what she looked like, and boy does it show! So, today is the big day. She wants to really reinvent herself. Hair mask, facial...the works. This girl really wants to be glamorous for the night ahead, but it can be boring to get ready on your own. Would you like to come and help Laura girls? Read more

In this beauty game for girls, you need to help Laura take care of her hair first. Use the shampoo, conditioning mask and hairdryer to create a truly stylish look. Then, move onto Laura’s skincare. Remember, because she’s a little new to using a beauty regime, she is a complete blank canvas, so style her exactly how you like! Do you have your own beauty regime? Or, do you have a routine that you follow with your hair?



Beauty Game is one of my favorites! We clearly have awesome taste! Come and play more of my fave beauty games!