Insurgent: Tris, Four and Jeanine Are Back

Are you Katniss or Tris? Factions or Districts? Here’s the lowdown on Divergent 2: Insurgent, out March 2015.

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The second instalment of Veronica Roth’s Divergent series is arriving in cinemas in March, and continues to battle The Hunger Games for popularity. We’re pretty mad about both, so let’s get you up to speed on the story…

Beatrice Prior, Tris, lives in a futuristic society divided into factions and ruled by the evil Kate Winslet (or, Kate WInslet playing a character called Jeanine). Tris discovers she’s Divergent, which means she doesn’t fit into any of the factions (we know the feeling), and soon discovers a devious plot to destroy all Divergents(*audible gasp!*).

Teaming up with the mysterious (and conveniently handsome) Four, Tris lives underground and learns how to be a top-notch fighter, and sets out to discover why Divergents are being targeted and foil Jeanine’s evil plan!

Fast forward a bit and here we are ready for Insurgent! Tris is still struggling to fight the evil ruling powers, and team up with some other outcasts (in a nice way), all while trying to save her loved ones and coming to terms with her Divergence. SOUNDS PRETTY BIG.

So we’ve wet your whistle, now moisten your eyeballs because (as ever, we’re so predictable) here’s the trailer for you:

We can’t help but be very excited and distracted by Tris’ new short hair. Is it a political statement? Maybe from her hairdresser?

And even though Four is a number and not a name at all, we’ll allow it because he is just so great. Plus, if you put Four and Tris together, you get FORTRESS. Which probably means something super deep.

Do you prefer The Hunger Games or the Divergent series? Or can you love them both equally, in a land of roses and honey and chocolate unicorns?


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