One Direction - 3D Movie for 2013!

The boys are set to release a 3D movie in August 2013.

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Directioners, don’t say that your boys aren’t good to you. One Direction’s second album was released just a week ago, and now Liam, Louis & Co. have announced the release date for their brand new 3D movie. That’s right: a movie!! We can’t wait - we bet those handsome faces will look at least twelve times more beautiful on the big screen!

The film will be directed by none other than Morgan Spurlock, star of Supersize Me. He’s now set to follow 1D on tour, giving their fans an access-all-areas pass into the exclusive world of the UK and Ireland’s biggest boyband - sounds much more enjoyable than gorging yourself on McDonald’s for a month, if you ask us!

Little more is known about the project, but the group recently revealed on the Today Show that the 3D movie will be released on August 30th 2013. That’s a long way off, but luckily you have Take Me Home and their 116-date world tour to keep you entertained until then. One Direction are many things, but ’lazy’ isn’t one of them... how do even they find the time to do those magnificent hairdos?!