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  • Alvinnn and the Chipmunks New Alvinnn and the Chipmunks 92%
  • Harlem Shake Game New Harlem Shake Game 86%
  • The podcats New The podcats 84%
  • Justin Bieber songs New Justin Bieber songs 87%
  • music singer Best music singer 83%
  • Musical Singing Horses Best Musical Singing Horses 88%
  • The Lonely Night Animal Musical Best The Lonely Night Animal Musical 85%

Most girls dream of one day becoming a singer or of learning to sing. Therefore on mygames4girls, we have chosen for you the best songs games for girls with your favorite music stars! So you can participate in singing compeitions and free songs games or even makeover Jennifer Lopez or Hannah Montana, among other famous singers. Read more

You can also play dress up games with Ashley Tisdale or Alicia Keys! You could become the designer of the greatest singers in our free songs games. So if your dream is to one day become a singer, you can also find our music games and listen to your favorite tunes while watching the clips shown on !