Christmas Mischief: Revenge of the Elves Game

Mr and Mrs Claus want to pucker up without being caught!

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How to play the game "Christmas Mischief: Revenge of the Elves Game"?

Ho ho ho! It seems the Christmas tables have turned. Just days ago in part one of the Christmas mischief games, two of Santa’s elves had a romantic moment ruined by Santa making fun of them and chuckling, and now Santa is the one who is in the mood for kissing! Santa and Mrs Claus are supposed to be loading presents onto the sleigh, but they’re so happy that their work is almost done that they can’t resist leaning in for a marital kiss... Read more

Uh oh, here come the mischievous elves! They are being very cheeky by throwing snowballs at Mr and Mrs Claus, look at them hiding behind that silly snowman! This Christmas couple never get a moment to themselves at the North Pole, can you help them share a loving kiss without being disturbed by the elves’ revenge in this Christmas adventure?