Why We’re Crazy Excited About International Women’s Day 2015

Our top three reasons why International Women’s Day 2015 will be AMAZING and everything you need to know about getting involved!

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We love International Women’s Day. It’s our day! And this year, March 8th is going to be even better: it involves hashtags, Emma Watson, and purple. What’s not to love?

So here it goes, Lea, Lee and I wanted to share with you our top 3 reasons why International Women’s Day 2015 is brilliant:

1. There is life beyond pink

We love pink! Seriously, we do. But every once in a while, it’s nice to see a different colour used to represent girls (and in case you hadn’t looked around our website, we kind of like purple).

So we’re happy that this year’s International Women’s Day will be all about #PaintItPurple. Purple happens to be the color of justice, which is what millions of women all over the World need, and we think that’s pretty cool. And, you know, we lurrrrve that purple.

2. Emma Watson is in

Emma, if you ever read this, we love you and admire you and you are a wonderful human being. One day we will learn to give speeches like you do.

But more to the point: Emma has invited YOU to join her for a live chat about gender equality on Sunday. You don’t even need to travel to London, just watch it on Facebook! Grab your bffs, get some popcorn, put on your (obviously purple) PJs and learn from our bezzie pal Emma. But we’ll let her tell you about it herself:

3. It’s all about taking action

The tagline for this year? “Make it happen”. One girl might not be able to make global gender equality a reality on her own (unless she’s magic), but if we all join forces (yes, that includes guys too!), we can actually #makeithappen (see what we did there!).

So, do you know how you’re going to help yet? We have some ideas for you:

  • Spread the word. Use the official #MakeItHappen and #PaintItPurple hashtags on your favourite social network.
  • Celebrate successful women. Pick your Modern Muse, and tell us everything about her. Why is she inspiring for you? What have you learnt from her?
  • Believe in yourself. Remember that you can do anything you set your mind to! Whether it’s making the biggest ever paper snowflake or climbing Everest in six-inch heels - it’s possible!
  • Take part in a free event. We’re giving you a list of the top things going on this year, but if you’re feeling out there you can always start your own International Women’s Day event!

San Francisco
Some classical music from the Community Women’s Orchestra. I’m no expert in classical music, but Lee swears this is pretty cool (and she knows her stuff).

A free giant zumba class on the Seine’s riverside. I wish I could go there with the girls!

Get Active offers free Swimming, Badminton, Basketball and Soccer. You can bet Lea will be winning at ALL of these - or just getting over-competitive until she makes someone cry.

Free programming workshops - I’m head over heels about this one!

We’re celebrating International Women’s Day by telling you all about our personal goals and dreams. We believe that all girls can achieve a successful career with a little determination, so we’ve dedicated a series on our blog to helping you achieve some very funky dreams! Keep your eyes peeled...

Sometimes we forget our mothers are women too (especially if they have big moustaches), so why not go and wish her a happy Women’s Day?