Makeover this cute cat Game

Make up and transform this cat to give him a funny new look!

Your game will begin in a few seconds! :)
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How to play the game "Makeover this cute cat Game"?

Cats are really nice animals and they’re very cute. Unfortunately in real life, it is not possible to transform the look of your cat. But in this great cat game for girls you can have fun with a cat. You can change the color of his coat, the shape of his eyes or his mouth or his nose. Read more

Like many girls, you’ve probably already tried to put your clothes on your dolls. In general, animals are not so happy when you do this to them and get them all dressed up. That’s why, with this girls cat game, you can do whatever you want on your computer and create a really fun looking cat with funny clothes. If you like the girls animals games, you will find many other animal games for girls on!



Makeover this cute cat is one of my favorites! We clearly have awesome taste! Come and play more of my fave cat games!

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divastar22 divastar22 19 February 2012 at 01:40
Ok, now THIS is a funny game! Hey, I cats because they are soo fluffy and cute. Cute on halloween! Little kitties! I wish I got a cat, but I didn't. It's all because that my dad and brother are allergic to them. Why would you be allergic to cats? come on, There cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, My dad says we will NEVER get a cat! NO NO! aw! I always say. Instead of getting a cat, I sometimes go to Grandma's house and play with my uncle Johns cat, Silver. He's a boy though!! Wild cats need love too! I saw a wild cat. We named it sheildy. Me and grandma go outside and feed her. I laugh when I hear, Friskies cat food hahahaahahahahaha Bye Girls! XOXO, Divastar22
Tabitha 10 May 2009 at 21:32
Ohh um my mom took hulk hands and punched my brother [playing] adn he pooped his pants !!!hahahaha =3 XD =D
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