Pilot Acrobat Game

Perform some amazing stunts to wow the crowd with this flying game!

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Perform some amazing stunts to wow the crowd with this flying game!

Have you girls ever dreamt of being a pilot and flying up above the clouds? Jenna is not only a pilot, she’s also an acrobat who does amazing tricks in the sky! As you’ll see in this girls’ game, she can fly through hoops, do the loop-the-loops and soar like a bird in her little stunt plane. She’s a pretty amazing girl! In this girls’ game, you’ll get the chance to fly with Jenna and wow the crowds back on the ground. Adventures games like this one can be a bit tricky, so do the tutorial before you take off!

To play this girls’ game, just use the arrows on your keyboard to direct the room through the hoops or over obstacles. Don’t bump into anything or Jenna will crash and it’ll be game over for her! If you love surprise games for girls like this one, you’ll find tons of exciting adventures to get your heart racing on MyGames4Girls.com. Make sure you leave us a comment to tell us your high score and what you thought of this game, and come by our forums to tell us all about your dream jobs and what you want to be when you’re older. Maybe you’ll find some future acrobatic pilots just like Jenna!

Pilot Acrobat Game

4/5 - 29 votes
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  • Cupcake109
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  • Babygirl110
  • Jasmine13579

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