Hotel Cleaning Game

Hurry, the guests are arriving soon! Help Amy clean and tidy up the hotel.

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Hotel Magenta has been left in a shambles! Last night’s guests have only just checked out and there’s another group of ten girls arriving in less than an hour. Unfortunately, most of the hotel’s staff is off sick today, so it’s up to Amy, the fastest and most hard-working maid, to get the bedrooms back in order before the next guests check in. Cleaning and tidying might not be your favorite things to do at home, but you’re sure to like this free girls’ game! If you can help Amy get everything back in order before the guests arrive, her manager might even give her a promotion!

Hotel Cleaning Game

4.5/5 - 345 votes
  • Sana123456
  • MerryMello42
  • Caroline123s
  • Artemisz
  • Cat6465
  • Sanja998
  • Hotpinkgirl1
  • Isaura05
  • Tanyaw
  • KikiCrazy

Hotel Cleaning Game comments from girls:

1Diana 1Diana 12.01.2014 à 19:29
I finished ALL!I have play better games, but is nice....But this saite has AMAZING games
shequauna shequauna 26.06.2013 à 16:59
i kinda like dis game...but it is too boring.... but it is still a game
Anauksa Anauksa 14.06.2013 à 12:10
hi my name is anauksa das. i love this game...i can finish the last level also very easilyby the way,please add me. i am alone.
hermiche7 hermiche7 09.03.2013 à 21:57
finally i go the game love you people thgis games is hard on the lAST LEVEL.
wengel wengel 02.12.2012 à 14:52
hey my bame is wengel mezgebei like this game a lot but it is hard for me the last level is hard for me:->:->
meganreidxx meganreidxx 01.12.2012 à 13:06
i do not care:->hahahaha we are not like you most off us ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah
huhmamma12 huhmamma12 27.11.2012 à 22:42
hey my name is autumnstar gray i love a guy named dunstino he is so cute

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