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Learn to type and have fun at the same time? Game on!

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How to play the game "Typing Challenge Game"?

Duck! A flock of evil storks just started attacking you during your English exam... eek! While you write, the little rascals keep trying to steal your pages and fly away with them! If you don’t stop them from flying off with them, you’ll get a bad grade for sure. You spent so much time studying for this exam too! Each time the bird thieves try to take a word, type it as soon as possible so that the letters come back to your page. Read more

Are you a fast typist? You’ll need to be to stay in the game! You can easily learn to type without even looking at the keyboard. If you press the correct keys before the words escape you, you’ll go up a level! See, you’re learning without even realising! The storks certainly won’t give up in their quest either, so the more you try to defeat them, the better your typing will get! Can you pass the exam?



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