Mom and Daughter Dress Up

Dress up this little girl and her mom for the Mother & Daughter Beauty Pageant!

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Dress up this little girl and her mom for the Mother & Daughter Beauty Pageant!

Today is Clara’s big day: she’s about to enter her first ever beauty pageant! This pretty little girl is feeling quite nervous about stepping in front of the judges this afternoon, but luckily she’s not alone... this is a Mother & Daughter pageant, so she’s entering with her mom! The girls in this mother dress up game want to look absolutely dazzling so they can win first prize and a shiny trophy, and they’ve asked you to help them choose some gorgeous new outfits for the occasion. We know you’re a dress up games pro and have tons of great style ideas, so lets share them with the girls and make sure they take home the gold!

Mom and Daughter Dress Up

4.4/5 - 227 votes
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  • KittyKaatlov
  • Lynda1
  • Blitz
  • Genevieve
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  • Shortie2425

Mom and Daughter Dress Up comments from girls:

Swaqq_Mama Swaqq_Mama 05.10.2012 à 20:00
Awe! Whomever came up with this idea of a game was very clever! This game is adorable,fun & i love it! Who wouldn't love a Mommy & Daghter dress upp!
meganfriel meganfriel 29.08.2012 à 16:36
love this game so cool i could play this game all day it could be better if the mum had more dresses I LOVE MY GAMES4GIRLS
lolo650 lolo650 19.05.2012 à 15:40
nice game ---- its just so great i love it add me plz
petgirl petgirl 11.04.2012 à 9:11
it makes you feel that u are with your mum. i adore my mum hi,my name is petgirl and i am new member. so i need some friends. dont worry iam kind
Populargirl15 Populargirl15 05.04.2012 à 17:01
the little girl is soooo adorable, she makes me wanna be her mother and the mom is soooo beautiful that u could see her makeup
I love this game you should play this game a lot its like you and your mom
Nisha Nisha 22.03.2012 à 14:15
this game is so nice and the mother dresses is so nice girls dresses is not cute
PURPLEQUEEN123 PURPLEQUEEN123 18.03.2012 à 22:17
this game is cute th liittle girl has so many clothes to choose from I think that the mom sould have some more clothes
wicken1999 wicken1999 16.03.2012 à 4:30
the mother didn't have enough dresses Ahhhh! jk. But the little girl had so many to pick from!!
originalprincess6 originalprincess6 14.03.2012 à 11:01
ths game is awsome though I do wish the mother had more dresses and maybe some gloves
juli314 juli314 13.03.2012 à 23:01
I this game its so fun to play it ! I just love it ! This game relly ROCKS !
justices justices 13.03.2012 à 16:36
this dressup game is so cute so cute with the mom and the dauther and the little girl has a long dress like the mom
littlevampire littlevampire 13.03.2012 à 4:01
this was the first game i played on hidolls i really think that everyone should play it everytime they get on
Lili_Doll Lili_Doll 11.03.2012 à 12:15
I love this game! I think the dresses are beutifull! People I need friends!
mikyla mikyla 11.03.2012 à 2:09
I love that game it is alsome i am jelous of that game the mother and the daugther is so cute amd do annie body wont to be friends
Priscella Priscella 10.03.2012 à 11:24
4/10 for this game but nice clothing though and the mother and daughter are so cute i like the dresses the are so prettyim so jealous of the clothes i wish i had that in my closet thats what i think but add me as a friend please anybody**

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